Artist/filmmaker Luke Jaeger grew up in Brooklyn and attended Yale University, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and Massachusetts College of Art. Luke currently works in the Mount Holyoke College makerspace, where he helps students and staff with physical fabrication and 3D printing. On any given day he is equally likely to be operating a computer keyboard, soldering iron, table saw, laser cutter, or poodle. Luke's drawings, paintings, and small sculptures have been exhibited in Boston and New York; his animated films have been shown in festivals and theaters worldwide. He also plays guitar in a funk / soul band.
About the work
  My work combines traditional, low-tech animation techniques, unchanged for eighty years, with digital, nonlinear sound and video, avant garde music, and my own contemporary sensibility. My artworks (and the dreams from which they're derived) inhabit a primal personal landscape, a world of feral industrial sites, train tracks, highway infrastructures, hidden urban surfaces of every kind. Among my influences are a motley mix of pre-war animation, 1930s hot jazz, modern Czech animation master Jan Svankmajer, early MAD magazine, Yiddish culture, and the Caribbean-American sounds of my childhood neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Curriculum Vitae
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