La Mono Nagra: An Analog Tale from Massachusetts Review.

Selected articles from Art New England and FPS:The Magazine of Animation.

Big news in Dreamland: DreamWorldNews is now a blog. Check here for late-breaking dispatches.

Still confused? Read this. DreamWorldNews was (and maybe still is) a zine which reports people's dreams as journalistic events. We published six issues of DWN on an extremely irregular schedule starting in 1989, until we just kind of stopped. Download them below!


Issue 1
• Nazis Found In Freezer
• Superman Love Triangle
• "Your Pants Are Too Big"

Issue 2
• Pregnant Biker Chicks
• Giant Defecating Elvis
• Snakes! Dogs! Elephants!

Issue 3
• Cannibal Cookout
• Dog Porn
• Herring Hijinks
• Sinatra Drinks Gasoline

Issue 4
• Groucho's Health Plan
• Exploding Waterfowl
• Tourist Death Camps
• Republican Farm Sex

Issue 5
• Elvis Played Hookey In New England
• Cat Flies Helicopter In Ecuador War
• Fires, Cows, Lions, And Breasts Galore

Issue 6
• Insulin-Crazed Fascists
• Fire Hydrant Fellation
• Spiderman Gets A Job
• Zombie Plague Destroys Human Race

Here are some found poetry collections I've collaborated on:
Festive Existence (with Shoshana Marchand) - 340K pdf download
Chowflap (with Shoshana Marchand, Philip Price, and Debbie Way)